List of Cases

    Case No. 25

    The M/V "Norstar" Case (Panama v. Italy)

    Case No. 24

    The "Enrica Lexie" Incident (Italy v. India), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 23

    Dispute concerning delimitation of the maritime boundary between Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire in the Atlantic Ocean (Ghana/Côte d'Ivoire) 

    Case No. 22

    The "Arctic Sunrise" Case (Kingdom of the Netherlands v. Russian Federation), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 21

    Request for an Advisory Opinion submitted by the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC) Request for Advisory Opinon submitted to the Tribunal) 

    Case No. 20

    The "ARA Libertad" Case (Argentina v. Ghana), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 19

    The M/V "Virginia G" Case (Panama/Guinea-Bissau)

    Case No. 18

    The M/V "Louisa" Case (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines v. Kingdom of Spain)

    Case No. 17

    Responsibilities and obligations of States sponsoring persons and entities with respect to activities in the Area (Request for Advisory Opinion submitted to the Seabed Disputes Chamber)

    Case No. 16

    Dispute concerning delimitation of the maritime boundary between Bangladesh and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh/Myanmar) 

    Case No. 15

    The "Tomimaru" Case (Japan v. Russian Federation), Prompt Release 

    Case No. 14

    The "Hoshinmaru" Case (Japan v. Russian Federation), Prompt Release

    Case No. 13

    The "Juno Trader" Case (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines v. Guinea-Bissau), Prompt Release

    Case No. 12

    Case concerning Land Reclamation by Singapore in and around the Straits of Johor (Malaysia v. Singapore), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 11

    The "Volga" Case (Russian Federation v. Australia), Prompt Release

    Case No. 10

    The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 9

    The "Chaisiri Reefer 2" Case (Panama v. Yemen), Prompt Release

    Case No. 8

    The "Grand Prince" Case (Belize v. France), Prompt Release

    Case No. 7

    Case concerning the Conservation and Sustainable Exploitation of Swordfish Stocks in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean (Chile/European Union)

    Case No. 6

    The "Monte Confurco" Case (Seychelles v. France), Prompt Release 

    Case No. 5

    The "Camouco" Case (Panama v. France), Prompt Release

    Cases Nos 3 & 4

    Southern Bluefin Tuna Cases (New Zealand v. Japan; Australia v. Japan), Provisional Measures

    Case No. 2

    The M/V "SAIGA" (No. 2) Case (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines v. Guinea)

    Case No. 1

    The M/V "SAIGA" Case (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines v. Guinea), Prompt Release

    The Judgments and Orders delivered in cases submitted to the Tribunal are reproduced in the series Reports of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders.

    Citations used to refer to cases submitted to the Tribunal