Guidelines on the use of the ITLOS emblem
  • The ITLOS emblem is used for the Tribunal’s official documents and correspondence, publications, public relations material and the website.
  • The emblem may only be used by third parties with written authorization of the Tribunal. Notwithstanding this, the emblem may be used by the departments and offices of the United Nations Secretariat, the specialized agencies of the United Nations and the International Seabed Authority without authorization.
  • Authorization to use the emblem may be provided, in particular, for joint publications of the Tribunal and a third party, academic events organized with the Tribunal or material related to capacity-building events organized in cooperation with or with the support of the Tribunal.
  • The emblem may not be used for commercial or advertising purposes, for instance by suppliers providing goods and equipment to the Tribunal.
  • Written authorization to use the emblem should be requested from the Press Office of the Tribunal: