Press Releases 2007

ITLOS/Press 118 - 11.12.2007

President Wolfrum addresses General Assembly, asserts the advantages of permanent tribunals over arbitration

ITLOS/Press 117 - 30.11.2007

Case between Chile and the European Community concerning the Conservation of Swordfish Stocks in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean

Chamber accedes to Parties' request for extension of time-limits

ITLOS/Press 116 - 05.11.2007

President Wolfrum addresses Legal Advisors in New York

ITLOS/Press 115 - 23.08.2007

Resignation of Judge Guangjian Xu

ITLOS/Press 114 - 17.08.2007

The "Hoshinmaru" Case

Release of the vessel and crew after posting of the bond ordered by the Tribunal

ITLOS/Press 113 - 06.08.2007

Tribunal delivers Judgment in Case No 15

ITLOS/Press 112 - 06.08.2007

Tribunal delivers Judgment in Case No 14

ITLOS/Press 111 - 02.08.2007

Tribunal to deliver its Judgments in The "Hoshinmaru" Case and The "Tomimaru" Case on Monday, 6 August 2007 at 2 p.m.

ITLOS/Press 110 - 06.07.2007

Two applications filed at the Tribunal on behalf of Japan against the Russian Federation for release of two arrested fishing vessels

ITLOS/Press 109 - 11.04.2007

Headquarters agreement to enter into force on 1 May 2007

ITLOS/Press 108 - 16.03.2007

The Tribunal forms a standing special chamber to deal with maritime delimitation disputes 

Mr Doo-Young Kim re-elected Deputy Registrar of the Tribunal