Press Releases 2005

ITLOS/Press 102 - 29.12.2005

Case between Chile and the European Community Concerning the Conservation of Swordfish Stocks in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean

The Special Chamber adopts an order for a further extension of time-limits

ITLOS/Press 101 - 30.11.2005

President Wolfrum addresses General Assembly

ITLOS/Press 100 - 07.10.2005

Reconstitution of the Chambers of the Tribunal

ITLOS/Press 99 - 01.10.2005

Election of Judge Rüdiger Wolfrum as President and Judge Joseph Akl as Vice-President

ITLOS/Press 98 - 01.10.2005

Swearing-in of five new Judges

ITLOS/Press 97 - 02.09.2005

Visit of the European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs to the Tribunal

ITLOS/Press 96 - 24.06.2005

Election of seven members of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea