Press Releases 2001

ITLOS/Press 62 - 03.12.2001

Order in The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v United Kingdom)

ITLOS/Press 61 - 29.11.2001

Order to be delivered in The MOX Plant Case on Monday, 3 December 2001, at 11 a.m.

ITLOS/Press 60 - 16.11.2001

Hearing to commence on 19 November 2001 at 10:00 in The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom)

Swearing-in ceremony of Judge ad hoc Alberto Székely will be held on 18 November 2001 at 16:00

ITLOS/Press 59 - 13.11.2001

The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom)

Request for provisional measures submitted by Ireland

ITLOS/Press 58 - 18.10.2001

First five years of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

ITLOS/Press 57 - 25.09.2001

Memorial service of Judge Edward A. Laing

ITLOS/Press 56 - 21.09.2001

Mr. Philippe Gautier elected as Registrar of the Tribunal

ITLOS/Press 55 - 21.09.2001

Rules of the Tribunal amended: terms of office of Registrar and Deputy Registrar fixed at five years

ITLOS/Press 54 - 18.09.2001

Swearing in of Judge Xu Guaingjian

Presentation of gift to the Tribunal by the Consul General of China

ITLOS/Press 53 - 12.09.2001

The Tribunal deeply regrets to announce the death of Mr. Edward A. Laing

ITLOS/Press 52 - 06.07.2001

"Chaisiri Reefer 2" Case (Panama v. Yemen)

Case removed from Tribunal's List

ITLOS/Press 51 - 05.07.2001

Application filed on behalf of Panama against Yemen for release of arrested vessel

ITLOS/Press 50 - 08.06.2001

Gritakumar E. Chitty, Registrar of the Tribunal, ends his term of office on 30 June 2001

ITLOS/Press 49 - 29.05.2001

Mr. Guangjian Xu (China) elected as new Member of Tribunal

ITLOS/Press 48 - 20.04.2001

Tribunal delivers Judgment in the "Grand Prince" Case (Belize v. France)

Tribunal finds it has no jurisdiction 

ITLOS/Press 47 - 19.04.2001

Judgment to be delivered in the "Grand Prince" Case

ITLOS/Press 46 - 21.03.2001

Application filed on behalf of Belize against France for release of arrested fishing vessel

ITLOS/Press 45 - 21.03.2001

Case on Conservation of Swordfish Stocks between Chile and the European Community in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean

ITLOS/Press 44 - 21.03.2001

Two articles of the Rules of the Tribunal amended