Press Releases 1997

ITLOS/Press 10 - 04.12.1997 

Hearings concluded in the M/V "SAIGA" Case

Judgment orders prompt release 

ITLOS/Press 9 - 21.11.1997 

Hearings in the M/V "SAIGA" Case

Tribunal issues Order 

ITLOS/Press 8 - 13.11.1997 

The Tribunal receives application for prompt release of a vessel and its crew 

ITLOS/Press 7 - 03.11.1997 

Tribunal adopts its Rules of Procedure,Resolution on its internal judicial practice, and Guidelines to assist parties

ITLOS/Press 6 - 05.03.1997 

Tribunal readies itself for cases; prepares draft Budget for 1998; and sets up Committees

ITLOS/Press 5 - 03.03.1997 

Judges of the Tribunal select the Seabed Disputes Chamber, the Chamber for the Marine Environment and the Chamber on Fisheries Matters