Case No. 14

The "Hoshinmaru" Case (Japan v. Russian Federation), Prompt Release

Institution of Proceedings

Press Releases

  • ITLOS/Press 110: Two applications filed at the Tribunal on behalf of Japan against the Russian Federation for release of two arrested fishing vessels
  • ITLOS/Press 111: Tribunal to deliver its Judgments in The "Hoshinmaru" Case and The "Tomimaru" Case on Monday, 6 August 2007 at 2 p.m.
  • ITLOS/Press 112: Tribunal delivers Judgment in Case No 14
  • ITLOS/Press 114: The "Hoshinmaru" Case Release of the vessel and crew after posting of the bond ordered by the Tribunal


President Wolfrum
The courtroom
The Agent of Japan, Mr Ichiro Komatsu
The delegation of Japan
The Agent of the Russian Federation, Mr Evgeny Zagaynov
The delegation of the Russian Federation